The Best Security Tips for Your Door Openers

Here are the top safety tips to install & maintain your garage doors:

Be Responsible: A broken or damaged door can be fatal for you and your family leading to dangerous accidents. It is very easier to repair a garage door opener & you can do it yourself. But if you don’t have adequate knowledge about repairs, it is highly recommended that you call in the experts to do the job for you.

Don’t Let it Hit You on Your Way: How many times have you witnessed people not having enough patience to wait until the door stops during opening or closing? Almost all the time. Thus, it is very important to maintain a distance while it is in motion so that you don’t come into any sort of contact with the moving door.

Forgot Reinforcement Bracket?: This happens in most instances. You simply forget to install the opener reinforcement bracket and this has been a major cause to damage your door completely.

Get a Powerful Opener: Most of the garage doors are very heavy and we don’t use powerful openers to operate them. This results in many dangerous situations as it is clearly not balanced properly. Best thing to do it call in the experts to do the job, rather than you trying to fiddle with it & getting injured.

The Five-Foot Rule: This is a special rule to get the push buttons out of reach of your children. Keep them at least 5 ft over the floor so that kids are unable to reach them and start operating it, risking their lives.

Keep Your Remote Controls: As much as keeping the push buttons out of reach, you really need to keep the remotes out of their site as well. The remote control is a very attractive toy for the kids to start playing with and, as a result, getting themselves into trouble. Try to lock them up or keep them out of their sight completely.

Rolling Code Technology: Remote controls with rolling code technology is the best choice for your security. This prevents burglars from copying your signals and operate your garage door.